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3D-Mosaic - Management and Structure

Project coordination: Prof. Dr. Manuela Zude class="style13" style="color: #666666">, ATB

The project is formed by 11 partners including 9 research institutions and 2 SME. Additionally, 2 external advisors will support the progress. The work

load is organized in 6 Work Packages, while the partners will regularly meet within 3 thematic groups.

Thematic groups:

  • Autonomous platform and data management

  • Sensors

  • Data evaluation

Work groups:

  • Adaptation of an autonomous platform for transport of the mobile sensors and for implementation of efficient monitoring strategies

  • Development of mobile vision system (cameras and laser-scanner) for estimation of LAI and fruits

  • Development of fruit sensors for non-invasive fruit quality determination on the tree

  • Field trials for testing the system and acquisition of data

  • Geographical information system for 3D data management

  • Development of a decision support system to generate management maps

Three meetings, 2 field trials with contribution of all partners as well as 1 workshop will be held.